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Advanced Dental Imaging System Now At Dr. Novick's Office


Have you ever wondered what your teeth would look like if they were whiter or straighter before the work was done?

Well now you can, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Using the latest in computer imaging technology, our office staff takes a photo of you and in about one minute we can print out a before and after photo of what your smile would be with whiter or straighter teeth or with missing teeth replaced.

Not only will this show you a natural looking smile but we can then send the photo to our laboratory to use a reference in constructing your smile for more exact results.

Remember- the after photos you will see below are created right on the spot- they are not photos of actually completed dental work (though the finished smiles will closely resemble the photo imaging creation).

In the photo here of Janet, you can see she had many problems with her entire smile.  Not just the dark colored teeth, but cavities and gum disease.  In just a few minutes we are able to produce the smile she always dreamed of.  In this case it takes longer then a minute because we work with the patient to get the fine details she wants.

The next photos of Burt show he was missing a front tooth and how he would look with a permanent bridge.  the same thing can be done to show what a single implant can look like as well.

Then we have Bill, who simply wanted to see what his teeth would look like naturally whitened.  We can do the same to your photo in about one minute!

Here we show what  Josh's smile will look like after braces.

This can be done with your smile by taking a photo after your professional teeth cleaning or simply give us a call and make an appointment.