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"Dr. Novick now is behind the camera rather then in front of it! Here he is filming live at the front of the stage for "The Who" concert Febuary 21, 2013 at Nassau Coliseum for the opening band "Vintage Trouble"

Dr. Novick backstage in the video command
center with Pete Townshend of The Who

Dr. Novick with Roger Daltry of The Who
after soundcheck

Dr. Novick appearing in Marvel Comics: "The Avengers" with Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in theaters now! Watch him get rescued from a burning New York City bus by Scarlet Johansen as Black Widow, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and Chris Evans as Captain America!

Dr. Novick with director Joss whedon (he also did Buffy the vampire slayer) and son Max on the New York destruction set of "The Avengers". Notice the green screen for special effects to be added later.

Dr. Novick on the set for
SHIELD helicarrier at The Avenger's
conference table.

Dr. Novick with Captain America, Chris Evans and son Max

Dr. Novick In the film Iron Man 2! 

Dr. Novick has just finished filming a role in the new movie Iron Man 2. This film will be realeased May 7th 2010. Look for him in the scenes at the race track in Monaco.

Dr. Novick with Robert Downey Jr. on the set of Iron Man 2 in California.

Dr. Novick and Mickey Rourke who plays the villain "Whiplash" on the set of Iron Man 2!"

Dr. Novick with Mickey Rourke on the set of Iron Man 2.  The gold teeth and tatoos are make-up for his character, the villain Whiplash