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Does the current bad economy have you Stressed out more than usual?? Stress and worry can cause a dental condition that can result in headaches, “lockjaw”, migraines, upper back and shoulder pain and tightness. The last thing you need to do is spend money unnecessarily on potential dental issues that could have been avoided in one visit to our Franklin Square dental office.
There is a FDA approved (for migraine therapy) technique, the “Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System” (a.k.a. “The NTI”) that could permanently improve your condition.

Check out: http://www.TheHeadacheRemedy.com for additional information as well.

Want to break the financial cycle of drawn out treatment plans with alternative practitioners who only relieve tight neck & shoulders?  Treating the symptoms will give you temporary relief but not permanent improvement.

Over 90% of the population grinds at night and only 10% of all dentists use the NTI system.  A traditional night splint, a device used by most dentists, actually allows 104% of normal muscle tension than not wearing a splint: a traditional night splint amplifies grinding!  The NTI eliminates grinding by inhibiting the temporalis muscle (which closes the jaw) from “firing.”  Symptoms such as chronic jaw, neck, and shoulder pain can be eliminated or reduced with the NTI, where a traditional night splint typically fails. The NTI treats the cause, not the symptoms of dental grinding.  If you have chronic neck and shoulder symptoms and jaw pain, you
, the proactive patient, need to consider an alternative treatment that will actually work.

newport Beach NTI appliance

nti mouthguard newport beach


1. Most patients do not realize: 90% of the population grind at night
2. NTI treats the cause of grinding, not the symptom
3. NTI is effective in 95% of all cases
4. Fraction of the cost when compared to prolonged alternative treatments
5. Offered by only 1 in 10 dentists
6. Complimentary consultation.  Your NTI can be fabricated in one appointment!
7. Fast, safe, non-invasive relief, usually in 3 – 30 days!